The Chimneys, ground zero of the 2016 Gatlinburg wildfires

A song cycle on texts from the Psalms
1. Deep Waters, Psalm 69
2. We Hung Our Harps, Psalm 137
3. I Waited, Psalm 40
4. My Soul Thirsts for Thee, Psalms 63 and 32

16 minutes
optional chamber winds/percussion parts available

PDF set

The download includes the optional instrumental parts seen/heard on the videos below.

1. Deep Waters (Psalm 69)

Cynthia Wohlschlager, soprano

2. We Hung Our Harps (Psalm 137)

3. I Waited (Psalm 40)

The Windiana Concert Band, Jeffrey Scott Doebler, conducting; Matthew Byerly, narrating

4. My Soul Thirsts for Thee (Psalms 63 and 32)

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